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We view our school as a safe, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop strengths, and learn to value themselves in the process. We recognize the rapid pace of change and new knowledge, and realize that we cannot anticipate everything needed in the future. For this reason, our students are prepared and encouraged to be self-directed learners. To accomplish this together, we will:

  • Build basic skills in reading, math, writing, technology, physical fitness, social studies, science and the arts, and ensure that class time is devoted to meeting the requirements of each subject's curriculum.

  • Help each student to develop as a critical thinker, able to solve problems and integrate disciplines.

  • Provide opportunities for each student to set goals, access and apply knowledge, work collaboratively, investigate, experiment, explore, evaluate and set new goals.

  • Help students to access, organize and process information through the use of technology.

  • Carefully evaluate our established approaches to learning, and determine their effectiveness. At the same time, we will evaluate alternative approaches, requiring evidence that these approaches would result in the increased effectiveness if implemented.

  • Foster open communication among all school community members. Encourage one another to participate in the school in support of our mission.
    Rev. 8/02 Adopted by Staff: 6/96, Adopted by PTA: 1/97